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From our products, we build a solution that best serves the whole.


Decades of experience in heat recovery, flue gas cleaning and condensate treatment.


We offer patented cutting-edge technology in a ready-made package.

Utilising waste heat is great wisdom

Flue gas, steam or smoke. All of them have energy that is escaping unutilised into the skies. With our technology, you can turn the cloud rising from the chimney back into usable energy. The Caligo flue gas scrubber is a heat recovery device that cleans the gas and compresses the energy in it back into a usable form. Our flue gas scrubber systems combine the theories of thermodynamics and flow technology with extensive experience in the practical challenges of the energy and process industries.

The solutions that we deliver always include a consultation-based process of research, during which we will select the solution package best suited for your process from our line of products. We help you to improve your energy efficiency significantly, not forgetting the cleaning of flue gases.

A ready-made package

All Caligo flue gas scrubbers are delivered as complete and standard units that have already been tested and trialled as part of the manufacturing process. Unlike competitors, Caligo manufactures its systems as finished products as far as possible. This eliminates expensive field projects and saves a lot of time during installation.

At the installation site, the finished system is merely connected to the rest of the plant, after which it is ready for operation.


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Packing and transport of a Caligo flue gas scrubber.

Installation of a Caligo flue gas scrubber.

In addition, our scrubber systems are equipped with an independent automation system that ensures optimal operation of the scrubber and adjusts its level of operation to the level of operation of the rest of the facility.

We use our patented technology to clean the condensate. Thanks to our technology, the physical size of the flue gas scrubber is less than half the size of traditional scrubbers. This brings clear savings to thermal plant construction projects in terms of infrastructure. We use the condensate produced in the process to wash the flue gases so that there is no need for the separate use of raw water.

After our cleaning process, the condensate can be drained into the sewer network without further cleaning.

All our flue gas scrubbers are completely independent units that do not cause changes to the operation of the rest of the plant, reliability problems or reductions in efficiency. In accordance with our product philosophy, we take clear overall responsibility for the operation and reliability of our scrubber components.

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Caligo Flue Gas Scrubber/Condenser delivery: Lifting for installation with mobile crane

Heat pump connection

It is possible to get the Caligo flue gas scrubber with a new type of technology, in which case the annual fuel savings achieved by heat recovery can reach more than 30%.

The heat recovery capability is based on our patented heat pump connection, which raises heat recovery to a completely new level. The heat pump connection ensures maximum heat recovery even when the return temperatures of the district heating become high and the heat recovery ability of a traditional flue gas scrubber collapses.

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From a commercial point of view, scrubbers have a significant role in improving the energy efficiency of heat producers and of industry.

After investing in a scrubber, energy savings are generated at a consistently high level throughout the heating season, regardless of the external conditions in the facility.