Plug-and-play product

All Caligo flue gas scrubbers are delivered as fully functioning plug-and-play products that have been thoroughly tested in the production phase. Caligo products are designed, engineered and manufactured as complete and standard units. This sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to save our customer's time and avoid costly field projects. At the installation site the unit is simply connected to the boiler plant, after which it is operationally ready. All Caligo scrubbers are provided with an independent automation system which optimizes the performance of the scrubber and adjusts its operation according to the boiler plant conditions

We use our internationally patented technology to clean the condensate. Thanks to our technology our flue gas scrubber is only half the size of traditional scrubbers. This significantly reduces the building costs of new facilities.

Our product uses the condensed water from the flue gas heat exchange process as the washing liquid for incoming flue gases. This means that there is no need to add untreated water to the process; all the water is condensed straight from the flue gases. The excess condensed water can be drained into a sewage network without additional cleaning.

Heat pump connection

The Caligo scrubber can be equipped with a heat pump that can reduce annual fuel costs by up to 30-35%. Coupling a Caligo scrubber with a heat pump via our patented heat pump connection takes heat recovery efficiency to an entirely new level. The heat pump connection insures maximum heat recovery even when district heat return temperatures are high and traditional flue gas scrubber performance starts to fail.

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Efficiency & savings

A flue gas scrubber significantly improves the energy efficiency of boiler plants. Through a modern scrubber investment, energy savings are accrued at a consistently high level throughout the heating season regardless of the conditions in the district heating network.